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London Shares 2021

COVID Recovery Online Concert

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Premiere Saturday, August 7, 2021, 7:30 p.m.

Co-organizers and media sponsors:

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Charity partner

All money raised will be donated 100% to the food bank. The London Food Bank is not just our charity partner. Members of our Chinese Canadian grocers donate food regularly to the London Food Bank. CCNC will be starting a greenhouse project at the London Chinese Cultural Centre on Trafalgar Street. The London Food Bank provides the greenhouse and equipment. CCNC provides the land. Volunteers will be the gardeners to grow a source of fresh produce for the needy in London.

Donate to the Food Bank for this event by scanning or clicking on the QR code.

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Hear stories from London's Asian-Canadian communities and business leaders on how they ride out the pandemic. Interviews were conducted in English or Chinese (with subtitles) to reflect diversity and inclusion in London and area.



The CCNC Choir is what got this event started. The choir, run by all volunteers, had wanted to do a concert to keep the spirit and music skills up during the pandemic. In the absence of the London Dragon Gala this year, the choir was without a major performance opportunity. When the choir approached the directors of CCNC on the idea of a recital, the executives capitalized on the synergy and turned it into this recovery concert to help jump-start Ontario's re-opening. We also hope to see you at the trademarked London Dragon Gala in 2022. To join the choir, please contact: Kent Lee

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London has talents! 

London has talents! Our performance includes the festive Lion Dance, the London Chinese Choir, the Chinese Ensemble, solos, acoustics, Cantopop, K-pop, dances and many citizen-entertainers. Although Ontario is beginning to return to normal, we are presenting this show as a YouTube Premiere event for various reasons:

1. We observe the social distancing rule. 

2. We want to leave a digital record in the history of our resiliency.

3. We want current and former Londoners to watch this show from wherever they are.


Premiere: Saturday, August 7, 2021, 7:30 p.m.

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CCNC logo  London Shares 2021 is organized by the Chinese Canadian National Council, London Chapter.
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